Mindwalk’s primary focus is art production for the games industry with offerings in animation, characters, and environments. All of these services can be provided on a variety of engines and hardware platforms.

  • Characters

    Mindwalk’s character services range from full humanoids and creatures to clothing and statuary, and extend from low poly modeling, to high resolution sculpting, to full texturing in a variety of styles.

  • Environments and Props

    Mindwalk’s environment services range from modeling and texturing of props and architectural pieces, to building full environments in-engine (including shaders, collision, tagging, etc.)

  • Rigging and Animation

    With experience on a full range of practices from motion capture clean up to fully hand-keyed, Mindwalk provides animation services for characters and props, as well as rigging and weighting.

For example works from each service category, please visit our Portfolio by Service page!